Full Set of Acrylic  £21.50

Full set of Sculptured Nails £28.50

Acrylic Hollywood Toes £15

Set of Weekend Nails £14

Set of Weekend Nails with polish £15

File & Polish Hands or Feet £5

Mani/Pedi £10

with French polish extra £1.50

Twinkle Toes (Glitter toes) with Gel Glaze £15

Twinkle fingers (Glitter Fingers) with Gel Glaze  £23.50

Hair Removal

Half leg wax  £8

Full leg wax £13

Bikini Wax £6

Lip Wax £3.50


Eyebrow wax £4

Eyebrow Reshape £4.50

Eyebrow Tint £4

Full Body Spray Tan £15

Brand New Gelac Nails

Imagine being able to polish your nails and not worry about the chipping or smudging them.  Well look no further the the New Gelac Nails!

Ideal for going on holiday or special occasions  ... Just £15

Gift Vouchers Available

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